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Our Services

We will be commencing our services on September 12, 2016. We give live trade signals on Futures and Forex. All our trade signals are given using advance pending orders. And every trade alert has a precise entry, stop-loss and target.

Futures trades

More to come…

Forex trades

We deliver our Forex trades in live room during the London Open from 8am UK time. The session lasts between 1 to 3 hours.

Raman will talk you through the trade as the chart sets up. That means you have plenty of time to enter the trades on your platform. And every trade will come with a target and stop-loss.

On average, the profit target are between 30 pips and 50 pips and the stop-losses are between 15 pips and 25 pips.

Click here to read more about our trading method for Forex.





Huzefa H.

Huzefa began trading in 2000 starting with UK and US equities and equity options. He gravitated towards technical trading, building his own trading rules and systems. After working with leading firms including Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers, he left a career in finance to begin trading Forex in 2005.

In 2012, Huzefa was appointed by as their Senior Analyst. His published articles cover technical trading strategies and market analysis. In the same year, Huzefa was invited to be a speaker at the 2012 Las Vegas Forex & Options Expo and the 2012 Toronto MoneyShow. Today, Huzefa attends numerous trading events both as an attendee and speaker.

In 2015, Huzefa joined the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts.

In addition to trading, Huzefa enjoys mentoring traders of all levels, communicating his ideas and developing a shared learning environment.

As the original founder and dedicated administrator for SimplyProfit and TheForexRoom, he wishes to provide the best possible user experience for the members to develop their successful trading careers.

Huzefa resides in Toronto, Canada.


Brian Tsang

My journey started during a search for my next opportunity after selling my portion of a family business. A friend offered me a part-time job back-testing his trading models.  This was very new territory for me; my so-called trading experience up to that point was buying individual stocks through my bank.

But that start allowed me to develop a structured and technical view of the markets. After a stint with a prop firm for a few months in Toronto, Canada, I selected a mentor, Duane Gott, a highly renowned commodities trader and formerly the Senior Trading Instructor for eSignal Learning. Under his guidance, I developed my method and trade plan. That was back in mid-2014.

I quickly achieved month-on-month profitability trading Forex spot with my best monthly stats-to-date being an 80% win-rate with a positive risk/reward. I gradually refined my trade-plan, constantly testing, and in 2016 I made the switch to Futures where I now want to grow my trading career.

Today, I deliver a Live Room 3 days a week with SimplyProfit and manage my own capital. Also, I am an active member of the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA).


Trading Strategy

The strategies used to call trades in the room are sequential, repetitive and tested. We use the same set of criteria in each strategy so we can reliably perform and not trade in unchartered territory.

All our trading signals and calls come with an entry, profit target and stop-loss. Without any of these three elements it cannot be called a strategy.

We trade for a living and we execute our own trading signals in our live accounts.

Brian's Futures trading method

I am primarily a technical trader. I believe successful trading is about having a reliable set of expectations for market movement at specific price and time intervals. This creates actionable opportunities to enter into the market.

There are four organizing principles to my trade plan. Firstly, my analysis begins with the underlying strategy which is Elliott Wave and market geometry. Secondly, I look at collaborating levels across multiple time frames. Thirdly, I have specific candlestick patterns that trigger me into a trade. And lastly, it’s all about risk control. Every trade I place has a stop-loss and initial target or take profit. I only enter trades that have the potential of a positive risk/reward. And in my own account, I always control the percentage of the account that is at risk with each trade.

My trade plan aims to narrow down the possibilities of market movements and when my criteria are met I am prepared to participate in the move.

For the Live Room with SimplyProfit, I trade the USD/JPY futures (or 6J), E-mini S&P (ES) and E-mini Dow (YM).

When you’re logged into the room, you’ll hear my commentary about my method and you can ask as many questions as I have time to answer!


Our Forex trading method

More to come…


Testimonial – my journey with SimplyProfit

Over time, I grew as a trader with the room; I became more disciplined and I learned to follow the rules that are set and not deviate from them.

Shyam Vyas, UK | March 2016


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any knowledge I need in advance to use your signals?
As long as you know how to execute trades on your broker’s platform, that’s all you need to know to start following our signals.
Is there a trial-period?
Yes. We offer a 1-week free trial. You can cancel at any time during the first weeks without being charged.
How many trading signals do you give a day?
For Forex, Tim gives between 1 and 3 Forex signals a day. For Futures, Charlie averages 5 Futures signals a day.
What times of the day are the signals released?
The Futures trades are typically from 8:45am ET to 12pm ET every trading day. On occasions we’ll continue trading past 12pm ET. The Forex signals are from 6am ET to 1pm ET Mondays to Thursdays.
Are the signals given in advance?
Yes. All the entries are advanced pending orders, typically anywhere up to an hour before the trade is triggered.
How large are your stops and targets?
Our Futures trades risk between $125 and $190 per contract traded and all trades have a risk to reward of at least 1:1 and up to 1:2. Our Forex trades risk between 25 to 50 pips with targets from 50 to 150 pips.


How are the trading signals received?
The Futures trades are given in a live room everyday and you can have the signals automatically executed for you with our U.S. registered broker. The Forex trades are given over a protected list that can be received on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.
Do you teach your system?
We educate members in the Live Room about how our Futures strategy.
Why are you doing this service?
We’ve traded privately for a number of years. We wanted to expand our public profile as traders and think this service is a great way to start.
Do you offer auto-trading for your signals?
We are partnering with a broker listed and registered with the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) since 1988 that will execute our signals in your own account directly. Please write to us at for more details.
Do you hold trades overnight or over weekends?
Almost all are trades are entered and exited in the same trading day