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ShyamI first took an interest in trading in 2008 when I was studying Computer Science at Aston University in the UK. My cousin who worked for Barclays Capital as an equity derivatives trader got me interested. Seeing his lifestyle and talking to him about how the markets moved fascinated me. I actually switched my degree from Computer Science to Economics & Finance thinking it would help me in trading. It didn’t really help but it gave me an overall business perspective outside of trading. Aside from my cousin, I literally didn’t know anyone else as a trader so I went out searching for ideas and trading strategies. I took my first few courses – some in person and some completely online. It wasn’t enough at the beginning but it introduced me to Technical Analysis and Forex. I continued trying to connect with other traders – I visited sites like BabyPips and went on various forums. I then came across Huzefa’s blog,, and this was before he ran any kind of a paid service. I found that he was one of the most welcoming traders. Whenever I asked him any questions around his trading, he was open to answer. And he helped guide me as to where I could look, what sort of books, just to learn the key basics to get started. That’s when my trading grew and flourished. That foundation of knowledge helped me secure an internship soon after for 8 weeks at a proprietary trading firm in southeast London, UK.

A few months later, Huzefa launched his Live Room and signal service under the name “TheForexRoom”. Given my previous experience with him, I immediately signed up. It was a very good signal service where the moderators were making money without a shadow of a doubt. If you chose to follow the trades, you’d do the same (I chose to follow the trades). I don’t really have to say much about their performance as the results in the room speak for themselves. Also, the support structure was good – any questions would be answered pretty much on the spot. Obviously, if they were in a trade, they’d have to be mindful of that and manage that first.

When my work schedule allowed me, I joined the Live Room rather than just taking the signals. It was nice to see the thought process of the traders in the room and for them to actually walk you through it, holding your hand and really making you understand. And of course, helping you make a profit out of that thereafter. I followed Tim the most and his strategy involved a few indicators. He was happy to answer questions about his system and it was very beneficial for me as after a while I wanted to understand the strategy and Tim was able to communicate it across quite effectively.

Over time, I grew as a trader with the room; I became more disciplined and I learned to follow the rules that are set and not deviate from them.

If anyone wants to speak to me about my experience with TheForexRoom & SimplyProfit, I can be contacted at

Shyam Vyas, UK | March 2016

I have been a member of TheForexRoom for some time now, and the service provided is excellent. All the trades suggested are given in plenty of time with a thorough explanation to go with them. More importantly, more often than not they are winning trades. It should also be said that this is an educational service too – they want you to learn what they’re doing so you can do it for yourself. When you combine the two, it is a great ‘earn while you learn’ package.

Stephen Cooper, UK | February 7, 2016

I just wanted to express my happiness at finding the forex room, excellent traders, great analysis and best of all plenty of pips! There is no guesswork all trades are clearly explained as to why they are being taken with clear entries and profit targets. The traders are friendly and helpful, no question is unanswered and they are all dedicated to building a successful and profitable community. If you are reading this and are still unsure about joining you really need not hesitate, it will be one of the best and most profitable decisions you make!

Matt Harris, UK

“I’ve known Neil for over 4 years & have been trading myself on & off for about 5 years. I’ve been privileged to be mentored by Neil and he has shared his insights with me, from which I have learned a lot. After his year off from trading, he is back with a vengeance! His signals over the last 2 weeks have been outstanding I have made more pips from his signals over the last 2 week than I have myself over the last year. Although I’ve seen Neil pulling consistent pips out of the market on the 1 & 5 minute charts in the past, I personally think those timeframes are for highly experienced traders and certainly not for me. Neil’s signals are on the 4h charts so sometimes, there are not lots of signals a day but the ones he posts have an extremely high success rate. Using the 4h charts also gives me plenty of time to set my orders.”

Wayne Wagner, UK

“If you’re new or old to Forex trading, this service is the best available… I’ve known of Neil for over 2 years now having first been amazed at how he made pips and seemed to know exactly the right time to enter the market on another Forex trading website chat room… all the time wishing he would share his knowledge. Now more than 2 years later as a full-time trader myself, I use Neil’s easy to follow signals in addition to my own trades to boost my returns. I’m up over 12% on account from his signals alone over the last 2 weeks…(and I miss a few due to time zones) I couldn’t wish or ask for more!… if you’re going to have someone help your trading… this will be the best return on investment you will ever get.”

James, UK

*Seriously accurate signals… I’ve been with your signal service for just over a month now & am compelled to send you a thank you for such a great service. So refreshing to find a signal service that trades in the higher time frames thus allowing me plenty of time to place orders which I must say have produced amazing results. Your unique approach in reading the markets gives me confidence that finally I’ve found a genuine straight forward honest signal provider. Thanks again.

Greg, Australia

“I came across Neil about 4 years ago in various trading circles and can without doubt say that he is the best trader I’ve ever met. He’s taught me more than any books, forums or seminars ever could and his results speak for themselves. Quite simply one of the few who are truly successful in this industry. If you want to learn to trade, he is the only person to go to. ”

Gav White

I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You. This week has been really productive and profitable because you guys not only give out great calls but explain what you are looking at and why you took the trade. This has helped me grasp the “market” more then reading a book or just receiving signals over twitter. The room has been a huge help. Can’t wait to try out the official Surge trading system! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you Tuesday!”

Russell Squire

“I must say, I’ve been with you since Dec 26th, and am completely impressed with what you offer so far. I have never done so well in the markets. I appreciate your dedication and, more than likely, will look forward to doing business with you in the months to come.”